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West End Midwifery Services is a small private practice located in Richmond, Virginia. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and care to the pregnant woman, her family, and the upcoming birth. Our services are comprehensive. They include: prenatal visits, childbirth education, labor support, post-partum care, and breastfeeding assistance. Our philosophy is hands-on labor support that encourages and promotes non-medicated natural childbirth using alternative methods and treatments. We have two board certified nurse-midwives (CNM) in the practice who attend deliveries at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Our backup obstetrician is an experienced physician who is skilled in breech delivery, birthing of twins, VBACs, and who is supportive of the midwifery model of care. Qualified doulas are available if needed or desired. We believe in the importance of a strong relationship between the midwife and the birthing family. Our goal is to provide women-centered care that leads to a safe, healthy, and empowering birthing experience.

“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life which, if entered into fully,

holds the power to transform her forever” - N.G.